If you do lots of DIY projects, safety gear is essential no matter where you work, whether in industry or at home. Chamberlains offers in-store expert advice and a wide range of professional and semi professional head, ear, and face protection suitable for all projects.


With the best alarm and security systems, you can stay safe and worry-free at home. Explore other home security options for a safer home. Come into our store for expert advice on all your security needs.

Safety & Security

While many people feel that all protective gear is the same, products today are designed for specific environments or applications. We offer easy solutions on a wide range of projects from trusted brands like ChamberValue, DOT, Hi-tec, Rebel, Grange Workwear, Tower and more.

Maintaining a security system regularly ensures that it performs optimally. Here at Chamberlains, we offer residential and commercial security systems from trusted brands like Yale, Centurion, Gemini, Securitymate, Hillaldam, Xpanda, King Trellis, SecurityVue, Nemtek, and much more.

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