Variety of paint colours

Check out our range of Paint products at your local Chamberlain store. Visit us today for the widest range of Paint & Decorative products.


Water-based and versatile, choose from a broad spectrum of ready to use PVA colours for every taste.


Select from our durable and versatile quality roof paints at low prices. Our range includes a variety of colours and even options with cooling technology.


Choose from our water and solvent-based enamels for ultimate durability for every decor project.


Our range of affordable waterproofing solutions is perfect for DIY fans and professionals with industrial needs.


Get everything, from high-quality window and deck sealers and stains to interior and exterior primers and varnishes.


Our range of chalk, spray, and craft paints has everything you need to complete the ultimate craft project. 


Set up for success with everything from affordable to specialised primers for every application.


Our additives, agents and fillers will customise your projects to suit your unique needs, including industry leading products like Ashak’s PlasterKey.


Browse our range of hard-wearing and durable floor coatings and epoxies for garages, stoeps and other areas.


Choose from thousands of sizes, brands and tools to have the perfect paint accessory you need to get the job done. 


Get stuck in with quality and affordable adhesives including silicone, painter’s tape, contract adhesives, and superglue.


For domestic and professional use, our range of cleaners and degreasers includes pink stuff and eco-friendly options.


PVA paint is one of the most versatile and all-purpose paints on the market. It’s easy to clean and durable and has a luxurious finish. With our wide range of top brands including Plascon, Dulux, Duram, and our versatile house-brand ChamberValue, you can select the ideal tinting base for all your interior and exterior needs. Our in-house paint department will professionally mix any base to create the perfect colour for your home. Plus we offer a wide range of accessories from paintbrushes and rollers, to ladders and tapes. You’re guaranteed to find everything you need to get the job done.

With our range of top quality brands at low prices, you’ll find all your oil and water-based roof paints in one place. Our stock-on-hand of brushes, accessories, ladders and even safety equipment will provide all you need for your project from start to finish. Our range also includes UV protect paints as well as paints with cooling technology to help you improve not just your roof’s aesthetic, but it’s functionality too.

For high traffic surfaces including window frames and doors, and exterior steelwork, enamels provide the ideal solution. Our selection of water-based and solvent-based enamels will provide you with a durable finish even when exposed to harsh conditions. We also stock everything you might need from ladders, rollers, and brushes to cleaning solvents. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can give your project a new life with the stroke of a brush.

Waterproofing your home does not have to break the bank. No matter your need, you’ll find an affordable and effective solution suitable for everything from home use to industrial and professional applications too. Our range includes waterproofing paints and coatings, meshes and non-woven fabrics. Simply select from our stock of several top brands from trusted, high-quality manufacturers including ABE, Sika Duram, MegaBond, as well as our value for money durable house-brand ChamberValue proudly packed by Flash Harry.

Whether you’re varnishing, sealing, or staining, having quality products can not only make the task easier but also provide a longer-lasting finish. Explore the extensive range of interior and exterior vanishes, deck sealers and stains from top brands including Rubbol, Woodoc, Silkwood, and Gripseal giving you ultimate flexibility to get your desired finish. You will also find all the needed accessories, primers, oils and cleaners to start off your project, in store.

Applying a primer to a new surface allows you to get a more consistent finish while also preventing paint from soaking into porous surfaces, wasting your time and money. We stock a wide range of quality primers for any application. From home use to specialized functions, our cost-effective solvent-based and water-based products can help you set yourself up for success. With our extensive stock-on-hand and thousands of painting accessories from brushes to ladders, you can get everything you need in-store today.

We know that each project comes with a list of unique needs. You know you can trust our broad selection of additives and agents to complete those finishing touches. Whether you need fillers from brands like Polyfilla or Crack Filla, or specialised additives and agents from brands like Ashak plasterKey, we have them all. We also stock all additional accessories like scrapers, gloves, ladders and more so you’ll find all you need for your project from start to finish.

Hard-wearing surfaces require hard-wearing and durable coatings that not only look good but are easy to clean. Redoing your stoep? Why not finish it with a proper floor coating. Revamping the garage? Our garage floor epoxy can give you the ultimate finish that is long-lasting and durable. Our wide selection is suitable for multiple surfaces and applications so you can work with confidence and upgrade your home with a coat that lasts.

When taking on a new project, having access to the right tools and accessories can turn hard work into a walk in the park. Our painting accessories come in all shapes and sizes, with thousands of brushes, rollers, ladders and scrapers to choose from. Our friendly staff will help you find exactly what you need from our wide selection of premium and affordable paint tools to get the job done.

Whether you need to seal a new surface or repair a broken one, the ideal glue, tape or sealer can come in very handy. And, our wide variety of painter’s tapes and masking tapes can help make painting a breeze. Our extensive range of adhesives caters to all your taping and sealing needs with top quality brands including No More Nails, Den Braven and our house-brand ChamberValue adhesive proudly packaged by Soudal.

Proper cleaning can be the difference between success and failure. With the right solvents, you can not only correctly prepare surfaces for new projects, but also protect and maintain your tools and equipment after use. We stock a wide variety of cleaners and degreasers for both domestic and professional use. Our range of cleaners and solvents includes eco-friendly yet powerful options too, helping you to make earth-friendly choices. We stock everything from pink stuff to cleaners and degreasers in our stores so you’ll have everything you need from the get-go.

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