This informed consent notice will apply to FHC Chamberlain Trading (Pty) Ltd (the “FHC Group”), including its divisions, wholly-owned subsidiaries, and business and/or trading partners on the one hand and the Supplier (“the Supplier/you/your”).



  1. The Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013, (“POPI” or “the Act”) regulates and controls the processing, including the collection, use, and transfer of a person’s personal information.
  2. In terms of POPIA, a person (responsible party, being the FHC Group) has a legal duty to collect, use, transfer and destroys (process) another’s personal information in a lawful, legitimate and responsible manner and in accordance with the provisions and the 8 processing conditions set out under the Act.


Purpose for processing your information

  1. FHC Group will hereby collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information which may include the following:
  • Details of your company, directors, office bearers;
  • Identity numbers, names, surnames, postal and physical addresses, postal codes, and marital status;
  • Description of your business;
  • Your financial information;
  • VAT registration;
  • Banking details;
  • Any other personal information requested by FHC Group and supplied by you.
  1. In order for the FHC Group to pursue its business objectives and strategies, the FHC Group needs to process your personal information for business purposes including, inter alia the following, namely to:
  • carry out actions for the conclusion and performance of contracts to which you are a party;
  • meet statutory obligations;
  • meet warranty obligations in regard to products sold;
  • have the personal information available for historical, statistical or research purposes;
  • have the personal information available as evidence in regard to possible litigation between FHC Group and the Supplier;
  • deal with the relationship between the FHC Group and the Supplier; and
  • meet any other obligations of the FHC Group arising from the conduct of its business operations,
  1. particular to the needs of the FHC Group, the purpose for which your personal information has been processed, and will be processed, is set out hereunder.


    • To secure the products and services of the Supplier as part of the FHC Group product and service offering;
    • For payments, invoicing and billing purposes;
    • To assess, enter into agreements with and payment of suppliers and service providers;
    • To provide services relating to the administration of supplier/service provider/contractor accounts.


The FHC Group will, in order to pursue and protect its legitimate interests and in many cases to protect you, under a written contract ask operators to process certain categories of your personal information and ensure a mutual understanding with regard to the protection of your personal information. Such persons may include payroll processors, benefit schemes, recruitment agencies, companies that are contracted to store information about suppliers in order to manage their creditors and may outsource debt collection to a third party and companies contracted with the FHC Group to shred personal information.

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