Floors are a part of every space in your home, which is why they should be beautiful. Our wide range of flooring options for all sizes and types of projects includes laminate, carpet, and rugs. Our experts will help you find the perfect flooring solution.


Don't overlook the importance of window dressing when it comes to tying a room together. Find the right solution for your project with our wide range of curtain tracks, and curtain rods.


You can get all the information you need on bathroom accessories from our in-store experts, and you will be able to install attractive and efficient accessories in your bathroom. Visit us for a wide range of easy solutions for your bathroom.


Your home is your personal sanctuary, so it's important to design it in a way that suits your style and needs best. Visit us for in-store expert advice on all your décor and household needs for all your projects big and small.


If you need window treatments but are overwhelmed with options or don't know where to look, you've come to the right place. Our wide range of PVC and Aluminium blinds, Made to Measure will be suitable for all projects.


The toilet seat makes up the toilet the way a bathroom faucet makes up the sink. You can also consider what kind of material you want your toilet seat to be made of, with plastic and wood being the two most widely available choices. Visit us in-store for expert advice for all your projects.


Cornice adds style to your walls and can help make a room feel taller. Shop our wide range of polystyrene cornices, adhesives and DIY kits for a professional finish every time.


An attractive and durable product with a natural finish for shelving in bedrooms, living rooms and garages. Browse our wide range of shelving for all projects.


For all things DIY shop our wide range of DIY markers, pens and pencils from trusted brands.


Flooring in your home is an intimate surface, which makes your choice of materials particularly important. The products you use will affect the quality of the floor, as well as its appearance, feel, and texture. Chamberlains has laminate flooring, carpet tiles, pine flooring, rugs, and parade carpets in addition to other flooring options from trusted brands like Picasso and Aquaclick.

Whether your curtain accessories are old-fashioned, ill-fitting, or just plain boring, it's time for a refresh. Shop at Chamberlains before buying curtain accessories to ensure you get the right style and size for your home. Brands like Kohland offer easy installation and a professional finish for tracks, and other accessories.

Looking for some bathroom décor inspiration? Here are some beautiful bathroom accessories to get your decoration gears going. For a seamless DIY or semi-professional job look no further than GV Di Bella, Splashworks and Wildberry available at Chamberlains.

Chamberlains should be your go-to shop when you want to shave a bit off your budget. From cutting boards to storage, cushions, and honestly, almost anything else you can think of — Chamberlains has it. Choose from brands like Art of Life, August Vormann, Castle timbers, Made by Joinery, D&A, Dejay, Fantastick, Gecko, House of York, and much more.

Blinds are not only a popular window covering choice but also one of the most affordable. They're easy to install, user-friendly, versatile, and adjustable, plus they come in a wide range of colours, materials, and styles.

When it comes time to replace your toilet seat, you may think that it’s as simple as finding one that fits. But there are actually a lot of styles and features available in-store for easy application and solutions. Shop from our wide range of trusted brands like Active Factory, DRV Plastics, and Comap and many more.

Transform your walls with our semi-professional cornices from trusted brands like Esstee and Made by Joinery. Get in-store expert advice on application and use.

Our laminated pine shelving is ready for you to use, giving you lovely expertly made shelves made from the highest quality pine. Visit us in-store expert advice on application and use.

Add colour to your home one project at a time! Shop our stationery from brands like Pilot for an easy solution for all your projects.

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