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View our wide range of power tools from top-quality brands. Perfect for any budget and project.


From drills, sanders, grinders and jig saws, Chamberlains has a wide range of convenient cordless DIY Power Tools for big or small projects.


Looking for the right trade-suited tools? Look no further than our wide range of Industrial Power Tools including jigsaws, grinders, sanders, and drills - suitable for any budget and project.


For performance, quality, usability and convenience, nothing beats our wide range of cordless industrial power tools for your big or small projects.


We stock a variety of batteries and chargers for all the tools we stock. Perfect for DIY or professional projects.


Let there be light! Our wide range of generators will ensure you stay productive and comfortable during the darkest hour.


Take the guesswork out and browse our simple intuitive metal and wire detectors - an easy solution that guarantees safer work.


A major part of any project is getting the measurements correct and marking them effectively. Browse our professional and DIY digital measuring tools for varying distances and functions.


Pneumatic tools run on compressed air to offer high power in a light-weight package for handling jobs such as cutting and spray painting. Whether you've got a big or small project, our wide range has you covered.


Having the right power tool accessory is important in helping you get the most from your power tools. We have an extensive range of budget friendly power tool accessories and add-ons for big or small projects.


When it comes to welding, the right equipment and accessories can make a significant difference in your output and quality of production. Chamberlains is a one-stop shop for semi-professional and DIY welding accessories.


We stock semi-professional and DIY welding machines and sets that include, helmets, cables, and gloves.


Whether you're working on a big or small project, Chamberlains has a wide range of compressors from TradeAir.

Power Tools

Whether you’re putting together furniture or doing some maintenance around your home, there are a few essential power tools that every DIYer should invest in. DIY your way with Bosch, Black & Decker, Ryobi, and more top brands for every skill level.

Cordless DIY tools are fantastic for making your home improvements and repairs convenient. From cutting to sanding, enjoy cordless freedom and power from brands such as Ryobi, Black & Decker and Bosch for easy DIY or professional work.

We stock an extensive range of heavy-duty power tools and equipment suitable for industrial use. If you are a professional tradesman, or DIYer, we have everything you need, sourced from the most reliable brands such as Stanley, Dewalt, Metabo, Bosch, Makita and more. Our comprehensive product range means you have direct access to all the equipment you need to tackle most projects.

Compact and lightweight, our Cordless Industrial Power Tools are designed for user comfort and convenience. We have reliable brands like De Walt, Makita, Stanley, Metabo and Bosch; You can work almost anywhere—in the home, workshop, job site, out in the yard or on-the-go.

When it comes to reliable batteries and chargers for all your DIY and professional needs, our extensive range is a must-have.

Don’t let load shedding ruin your plans. Stay prepared for lights out with our range of backup generators from top-quality brands like Gentech, TradePower and Ryobi.

Avoid drilling into cables and pipes in the wall with our wide range of fault-free detectors to help avoid application errors and deliver accurate measuring, making them ideal for confident work. Whatever task you're completing, these tools will make sure you do a precise and neat job.

A few extra minutes invested in the measurement stage can save hours of frustration and workarounds further down the timeline of the project. Browse our wide range of measuring tools for different kinds of projects. Precision measuring tools from reliable, accredited brands like Ryobi and Bosch are your best friends when working on projects which require the highest accuracy possible.

Also known as air tools, pneumatic tools are easy to use, safe and powerful. TradeAir has a comprehensive range including compressor accessories, a spray guns, air grinder and hoses. These tools have a compact and lightweight design, allowing you to use them in all types of spaces.

Quality power tool accessories will enable you to get the best out of any project. At Chamberlains, we have a comprehensive range of quality power tool accessories from superb brands like Saint-Gobain Norton, Alpen, Ruwag, Bosch and Tork Craft.

Welding accessories are used to help make welding safer, easier, and more efficient. They also allow you to do more in less time and can be used with many types of welding tools. Chamberlains stocks welding accessories including welding rods, helmets, cables, anti-splatter, earth clamps and magnetic clamps from Ryobi, AFROX and TradeWeld.

Welding, much like anything else, is a skill and takes time to perfect. But with the right machinery like tig and mig welding machines and an inverter welder, it's quick, safe, and easy to learn. Ryobi and TradeWeld have you covered for all things welding machines.

Suitable for DIY and light workshop use, TradeAir has you covered when it comes to different types of compressors. Fitted with a range of features for your convenience. It is portable with wheels and a handle for easy transportation.

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