Get on board for the best timber deals! From professional and semi-professional melamine chipboards, boards and shelving; Chamberlains has a wide range of boards - perfect for big to small projects.


The first step in any DIY woodworking project is to choose the right type of wood. Whether you're looking for a selection of professional or semi-professional hardboards and plywood, our wide range of easy solutions will make your project a breeze.


The versatility of MDF boards make them the ideal material for both commercial and residential use. For in-store expert advice and easy solutions for your DIY project, visit your nearest Chamberlains store.


We have a wide range of professional and semi-professional postform tops in different sizes, colours and styles; from reliable brands like ChamberValue, PG Bison and Sonae.


When it comes to choosing the right materials for your cladding and decking, Chamberlains is your trusted brand for a wide range of easy solutions.


From small to big projects, Chamberlains offers a wide range of structural timber in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths.


Tackling a large building or renovation project that requires shutter board for the build? Chamberlains has you covered! Shop great quality professional and semi-professional; plain and oiled shutterply pine boards and shutterply from Chamberlains.


Ready to go, PAR timber is the ideal material for your next project. Choose from pine and maranti, or make use of Saligne decking and pine shutterply boards for amazing results every time.

Boards & Timber

A great alternative to solid wood for any DIY project. Chipboard is environmentally friendly as it's made of up to 70% recycled materials. This strong, durable and versatile material is suitable for a variety of building and DIY projects. Visit us in-store for expert advice. Plus, use our board cutting & edging services - expertly done to perfection at all our stores.

Available in softwood, hardwood and various finishes, Plywood can be used for roofing, flooring, furniture, wardrobes and cabinets and even some DIY projects. Trust Chamberlains to have you covered for different stages of your DIY home improvement project.

Inexpensive, durable and a good choice for woodworking and carpentry projects, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a good choice for practical projects like shelving and storage cabinets. If you're looking for a wide range of professional and semi-professional MDF boards, Chamberlains has you covered.

Thanks to their durability and affordability, postform tops are a go-to surfacing material. With exceptional resistance to wear, postform tops provide a low maintenance surface that is easy to clean, appealing and hygienic.

Choose from our artistic range of decking colours, styles and textures to suit the look of your outdoor project. Plus, add texture and detail to your home with cladding. We have in-store expert advice on everything you need to know to select the best products for your individual requirements.

From flooring, to grand entrance doors, the uses of structural timber around the home are varied. Visit any Chamberlains store for in-store expert advice, professional and semi-professional structural timber from pine, structural pine, wood and meranti par.

If you’re looking for a strong cost-effective type of plywood for interior or exterior use, our shutterply boards are the answer. We stock a range of excellent quality pine shutter board which are excellent for most building or construction needs. Check out our range of shutterply boards at superb value.

Chamberlain's ready to go PAR timber includes Selected Pine and Meranti PAR in various sizes such as 20 x 70mm and 20 x 100mm. Additionally,our ChamberValue CCA Treated Pine Half Log Cladding, Knotty-Grade Saligna Decking, and Oiled Pine Shutterply Boards gives you more flexibility when choosing the perfect finish. Let our in-store experts help you choose the best timber for any job.

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