For superb corrosion resistance and light-weight structure, aluminium is a very popular material to work with to meet the modern and intricate designs. We have a wide range and exceptional expert advice in-store.


Boost your home security with the 'traditional' door bolt which is secure and very effective. We have a wide range and advice on what works best for your door.


An easy solution to securing wall fixtures, rails and much more with this multi-purpose angle bracket used for most 90 degree connections. Our experts will know which is best for your project.


Don't let banging doors ruin your day. We stock a wide range of products for high functionality that will complement your vision for the perfect door.


Get a handle on the widest range of products made from different materials and in different finishes to suit any budget. Our online and on-site staff are well experienced and are here to help advise you choosing the correct product for your application.


Chamberlains stocks a large selection of hinges and drawer slides that offer smooth, quiet operation for cabinets and drawers for all projects, big and small.


Which hooks are best to buy? The right hook for the job is as important as the job itself. Visit Chamberlains for our wide range of hooks and expert advice for all projects, big and small.


We provide reliable and secure table leg and plastic bun feet which makes it ideal for both domestic and industrial use.


We can help you tailor the right security to suit your needs. We hold the key to all things relating to key accessories from rings, snap hooks and much more.


Offering you peace of mind wherever you are, we have locksets and locks for all your projects and advice for the best products to use.


Give your mail a nice home with our wide range of letter boxes, letter slots and dumpy box. Add some flair to your home with our outside wall house numerals suitable for all projects.


When you need a padlock to keep your goods safe and secure, choose to shop at Chamberlains today for a wide range for all projects.


Browse our wide range of high-quality sliding door hardware to find items such as handles, locks, rollers and so much more.


With the unique benefits of aluminium, Chamberlains can help you innovate, cut costs, and maximise efficiency. It is also a durable and very economical solution for corrosion resistance.

Keep your home, gates and external entrances secure - it is perfect for internal use too. Bolts are easy to fit, and use and lock from trusted brands like Mackie and Samson.

Whether you're looking to fix items to walls, ensuring that your hand rails and cupboards, stay steady and secure - you can trust our wide range from August Vormann, Eureka, Mackie, MiTek and Raiel.

Protect your walls and doors with our range of door stops, buffers, closers and escutcheon plates. We stock these products from Assa, Dclsa, Euro Brass, Halcast, Mackie, Raiel and Yale in a variety of finishes.

Transform your home with our beautiful and high quality handles, knobs and accessories to suit your door. Browse our products from trusted brands like BBL, ChamberValue, FIT, Fort Knox, Halcast, QS, Raiel, Samson and Yale.

Shop our wide range of hinges from well-known brands offering quality products like August Vormann, Hilladam, Mackie, MiTek, Raiel, Samson and Yale.

From putting up artworks to decorations and coat hooks - Chamberlains has it all. We have a wide range of frame hooks, wardrobe, coat and storage hooks from trusted brands like August Vormann, Dejuca, Eureka, Halcast and QS.

For easy and reliable table legs and plastic bun feet - we have the best quality products from FIT and Raiel.

Chamberlains provides affordable, efficient and reliable key rings, cardholders, lanyards and much more from BBL - you can trust us to secure your keys.

Have you recently bought stylish door handles to match your new or renovated doors? Now to get a door lock system - we have a wide range of locksets and locks to keep your home safe and secure. Browse our products from brand like Abcus, ASSA, Aztec, BBL, Boltfix, ChamberValue, DCLSA, Eureka, Fighter, Fort Knox, Mackie, QS, Samson and Yale.

Your mail man and visitors will appreciate a neat and visible mounted letter boxes, house numbers and much more. Browse our large selectionmail boxes from trusted brands like Euro Brass and Tower.

Keep your possessions safe whether on the road, in storage or in your home. We have a wide range of padlocks, travel locks, comination padlocks and much more from Abus, BBL, Fort Knox, Master Lock and Yale.

We have a wide range of sliding door accessories for you to choose from, with designs that will suit your personal style. Shop our wide range from Hilladam, Samson and Slide 'n Space.

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