Often referred to as "the fifth wall", your home's ceiling forms the look and feel of the interior spaces. Chamberlains has a wide range of quality products for your ceiling - from polystyrene cornices and ceiling roses, cornice polystyrene fixing kits, insulation, fibre cement ceiling and more.


Whether you're building decks, installing a pool, or fixing a driveway, our in-store expert advice will help you get your big or small projects done right. Chamberlains offer the best quality cement products at superb value!


When it comes to quality concrete products for your building project, Chamberlains is your one-stop shop.


If you are looking for plastic building material at superb value, available in a range of stunning finishes, you have come to the right place. Shop our wide range of quality plastic building materials.


A key step in any building process is to reinforce the structure in order to keep it as strong and sturdy as possible. At Chamberlains, we stock the best quality reinforcing material that will help you build better.


A beautiful new roof can also improve the curb appeal of your house. Suitable for big or small projects, we have all your roofing needs covered.


No job is too big or small for Chamberlains - visit us in-store for quality steel section products for the building contractor, builder, or anyone planning a DIY experience.


Shop our selection of quality bagged sand and mixes, suitable for big to small projects.


Whether you're renovating an existing home or making repairs, we have a wide range of quality drywall boards and accessories to make your vision a reality.


The ceiling of your home can give a room a unique character that no amount of art or furniture can. Whether you are remodeling your home or having a new home built, trust Chamberlains to help you create your dream ceiling - whatever shape, style or colour you want. We have high-quality ceiling products including cornice adhesives, ceiling boards; Gypsum ceilings; Nutec ceilings, fibre cement ceilings and aerolite insulation.

We stock a range of cement in a variety of strengths as well as cement additives for every building or DIY need. Shop for 32.5N, 42.5N cement bags, fire cement, and leveling creed from top brands like ChamberValue, PPC, Surebuild and KBC from Chamberlains. Visit us for in-store expert advice.

Strong and durable, concrete can be used for building patios and flooring amongst other things. We have fibre cement building columns, base and caps and lintels for any project - big or small. Visit us in-store and our knowledgeable staff will share expert advice, tips and tricks on our concrete products and more.

Plastic is a material game changer for all sorts of building projects; it's strong, durable, rot and corrosion resistant, waterproof and easy to mould – all key properties for construction materials. Visit us in-store for quality products including brickgrip, SABS plastic, USB green plastic, orange hyperlastic plastic and malthoid.

A key step in any building process is to reinforce the structure in order to keep it as strong and sturdy as possible. From public buildings, retail stores and private homes, reinforcing material is a must-have for your building. Visit us in-store for quality products like reinforcing mesh, menlath sheet, brickforce and reinforcing steel.

Choosing the right roofing material is as easy as visiting us in-store for expert advice and quality products! Chamberlains has durable, energy-efficient roofing material like galvanised steel and polycarbonate corrugated roof sheets, polycarbonate roof sheets and more.

We stock a wide variety of quality steel goods for your building project. From angle, flat and galvanised steel to round, square and rectangular tubing, Chamberlains will bring your DIY projects to life.

Perfect for general landscaping use and container gardening, we've got a variety of premixes and bagged aggregates for your DIY needs. Visit us in-store for expert advice from our friendly staff.

Drywall is the go-to material used for interior walls and ceilings in all types of buildings. Chamberlains has drywall boards in varying thickness and sizes for different projects. Plus, we have building systems, tracks and studs and Rhinolite plaster for small or big projects.

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