We offer a wide assortment of pine mouldings and skirtings that will enhance the look and feel of your home.


We offer a variety of meranti mouldings and skirting supplies, suitable for both professional and semi-professional projects.


We offer a wide variety of supawood mouldings and skirtings that are ideal for big and small projects. Speak to our friendly experts for advice on our extensive range.


With pine skirting boards, you can add traditional character to your renovations. Made by Joinery for an easy solution for all semi-professional projects, our team of trained experts will ensure you have the best product.

As a way to hide corners and joints, as well as add warmth and texture to a room, you can expect the best craftmanship in your product from Esstee and Made by Joinery.

Supawood is a great, inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to wood for professional and semi-professional applications. Our extensive Made by Joinery solutions gives you the quality and flexibility you need.

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