Dear Valued Chamberlains Customers

As a family owned business built upon strong values and excellent customer service, Chamberlains has stayed focused on our 117-year reputation. Facing the current impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in our country, and the world, we assure you that we will do as much as we all need to, to prevent the spread of the virus. We are all in this together.

With our designated team daily monitoring the latest developments in our country, we would like to ensure that the safety of our staff and you, our valued customers, is our main priority. Adhering to the guidelines and precautionary measures recommended by the World Health Organisation, as well as all the regulations relating to Occupational Health and Safety, we as a business are actively doing what we can to stop the spread of this virus

To continue to make the provision of safe shopping environments, we would like to inform you of the measures that we have implemented:


  • We have increased the number of hand sanitisers found in our stores, located at the entrances and exits.
  • We have increased the number of cleaning staff and all high traffic and high touch surfaces in our stores are being cleaned thoroughly on an ongoing basis.
  • All customers are screened before entering the store.
  • All customers are required to wear a mandatory face mask
  • There are sneeze guards and hand sanitisers installed at all till points.
  • We have safe social distancing and one-way directional traffic guides inside the stores and at our entrances.
  • We have measures in place to ensure that in-store customer numbers are in line with regulations.


  • All Chamberlains staff have been informed about the severity of the current situation and received training on the importance of personal hygiene.
  • All Chamberlains staff are screened before entering the store.
  • All Chamberlains staff have been provided with mandatory face masks as well as other PPE (personal protective equipment) where relative to their tasks performed.


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We believe that the safety measures implemented thus far are sufficient to minimise any disruption and risk. However, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and adapt swiftly and effectively as appropriate. All of our eight branches are open for business and we are dedicated to keeping them open for your convenience. We would like to thank you for your continued support as our loyal customers.

Be safe.

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