Open a 30-day account at Chamberlains today and receive a 2.5% settlement discount on prompt payment

  • Fill in a 30-day account application form
  • Attach the relevant documents as specified on the back of the form
  • Hand it to the administration manager at any one of our stores

It takes 5 working days for an account to be processed – you will be notified in writing if your account is approved. Once open, you can phone orders through to the sales counter at any one of our stores.


Account department:

230 Fifteenth Avenue, Riviera, Pretoria
Tel: +27 12 356 9500
Fax: +27 12 329 0740
Email: debtors@fhchamberlain.co.za

Office hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 1:00pm

Payment of your account
We accept electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and direct deposits. No settlement discount can be allowed if payments are done by credit or debit card. The account must be paid within 30 days from statement date, i.e. payment for a 30 September 2013 is due by 28 October 2013.

View statements online
30-day account holders can view their account balance, invoices and PODs online at www.chamberlain.co.za. Speak to your account manager to activate your account login.


Alitha Smit

30-day credit accounts (A-G)
Deposit accounts (A-G)
Tel: +27 12 356 9563
Email: alithas@fhchamberlain.co.za

Marie Olivier

30-day credit accounts (H-O)
Deposit accounts (H-O)
New 30-day credit account applications
Tel: +27 12 356 9536
Email: marieo@fhchamberlain.co.za

Elmarie Kroukamp

30-day credit accounts (P-Z)
Deposit accounts (P-Z)
New deposit account applications
Tel: +27 12 356 9529
Email: elmariek@fhchamberlain.co.za